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An Introduction to GCIL

Global Commodity Investments Limited (GCIL) was formed on the 15th of January 2009 and specialise in Physical Precious Metal Investments, predominantly in the Gold & Silver Markets. GCIL Founder Frederick Brett, launched out on his own after more than 20 years working in commodities, throughout this time the company has provided expertise and insights into the commodity markets for their clients, consisting of a group of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to offering investors a superb level of service within these exciting markets.
Buying and selling precious metals offers a viable alternative to traditional Stock market investments, to that end we have devoted ourselves to offering investors a range of commodity investment vehicles that feature limited levels of risk and unlimited profit potential.
With a varied range of investment products and markets available to us, we believe we have accomplished our goal and are confident in our ability to help you achieve yours.
Our goal is to assist and advise client’s on how to invest in the potentially profitable Bullion markets in a variety of different ways, depending on their investment objectives and Attitudes to risk.


Our aim is to provide you with the products that are appropriate to your needs and suitable to your own specific risk profile. Choose from products which can manage risk and diversify portfolios. Whether you are looking for diversification, speculation, or both, we can assist in creating the best physical commodities portfolio for you.


This allows investors to gain exposure to the Bullion markets by making regular monthly contributions to purchase Gold/Silver. This method of trading offers affordability & allows Clients to reduce price risk by making contributions at regular intervals over a 12-month cycle. Your bullion is physically purchased from the Market & used to underpin your investment. At the end of the 12-month payment cycle, the Gold/Silver can either continue to be held or can be delivered to you. This product is highly popular with Clients looking to save for Retirement or families looking to build wealth for Children/Family.


We allow investors to purchase Gold and Silver, coins, and bars in the Physical form. We buy & sell directly to & from the Market. By far the most popular investment we transact is the purchase of Gold Bullion & the returns achieved over recent years have been exceptional.

Bullion can either be delivered directly to you or a storage facility of your choice or more commonly can be stored via us in one of our secure Insured Depositories, for a modest annual storage charge and includes Lloyds of London insurance.

If delivery isn't for you then we offer allocated secure storage with Brink's; one of the world's most respectable security companies. Your bullion will be kept in a secure location in a segregated account in YOUR name, should you wish to, you can request delivery or sell your bullion at any time.

We normally store Physical Bullion at Brinks Depository, in Singapore.

All our Gold and Silver is LBMA-approved Bullion.


The plan offers a guaranteed minimum annual income of 6.5% P.A. for the first 3 years, with the potential for a variable income in years 4 & 5, subject to the performance of Gold Bullion.

The price of Gold has increased at an average of 21% over the last 10 years and at a rate of 25% over the last 40 years and as a result should be an integral part of every portfolio.

Our stored client’s bullion is insured by Lloyds of London.

We are highly confident in our ability to work with you in offering both an enjoyable & ultimately profitable experience within the Bullion Markets.

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