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Gold Accumulator

The Gold Accumulator is a unique opportunity for the private investor to build a gold bullion investment holding. This account will allow you to accumulate a position in physical gold bullion over time and at a pace commensurate with your means.

  • Your investment is 100% backed by physical gold bullion
  • Your holding is not backed by derivatives
  • No counterparty risk
  • Benefit from low cost charges by buying gold at highly competitive rates.
  • Minimum monthly investment of £150
  • Option of investing lump sums
  • You are cost averaging into the market thereby reducing the risk of buying at market highs
  • You can choose to have your gold shipped directly to you

A Gold Accumulator allows you to invest, without having to pay, CGT, VAT, or Inheritance Tax, if account is in a child’s name, (T&C’s apply)