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Gold Bullion is the most commonly traded precious metal across the globe and is potentially the only element added to a portfolio that will truly diversify the collection of investments.

1. GCIL buy and store gold bullion in the UK

2. We buy in sterling not the U.S Dollar

3. Insured by Lloyds of London

4. You can have your bullion delivered direct


Economic Forces: The forces that affect the price of bullion are often opposed to that of other asset classes. In times of uncertainty when investors are very wary of buying, for instance, equities, they favour gold in order to give exposure to a vehicle that is likely to benefit from turbulent times. This independent movement of precious metals to other financial assets can reduce overall portfolio volatility and contributes balance.

Preservation of Purchasing Power: Gold has traditionally performed well as a long-term store of wealth and purchasing power. This is commonly known as the inflation hedge.

Asset Allocation: Experts suggest that 8% to 12% of a portfolio should be allocated to precious metals. No matter what level of risk an investor wishes to take, every portfolio needs a secure foundation.

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